Spring in Norway 

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Started writing this last night but I was so tired, I fell asleep!  

Of course it’s snowing in end of March. :lol: So typical, as soon as the weather warms up and tricks you into believing spring is here. Bitch slapping cold with snow! I was freezing my bum off today! 

So today I took the train with Bambi Jolie and went to my parents. :)

My dinner tonight was Jamacian chicken, beans & rice, a tiny salad (it had apples in it and I’m not fond of apples in my salad haha, but it was good anyway!), and a delicious tzatziki dressing. 

I love my mom’s cooking; there’s nothing she can’t cook. And I love her interpretations of different cuisines. I’m glad she made this! It was simple but full of flavor and so juicy that chicken! Plus she knows how much I love this and especially tzatziki dressing. I can eat it with everything. 

I went to the movies with my brother and his friend. We saw insurgent. :( I was bored the whole movie. Not a fan of divergent but it was much better than this one! 

Anyways, now it’s actually the next day! Like I said in beginning of the post, I began this post last night. Now I’m on the ship with my hubby. We are celebrating our 3 years anniversary. :) I forgot to book a spa treatment. :( Gonna go see if I can book one for tomorrow. :) 

It was non stop snowing from yesterday.  

Seriously look at that picture below. It’s like a snow blizzard. Can’t see anything past 50 meters. Thank god I made it to Oslo in time. Think there was an accident so we were stuck for a long time. :( 

Anyways, I need to go to the spa now and make a reservation. So I shall blog later! If I have net. :) 

Online shopping for Korean must have beauty products! With free $5, 10% discount, free shipping, & promotional gift from Wishtrend! For March 2015

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Last week I shared with you guys some must have Korean beauty products that you can find on Wishtrend. Today I’m going to share with a few more products, plus $5 for you to shop from Wishtrend, a free full-size promotional gift and/ a March 10% discount code. I know March is almost over, but you have a week to use it. :)

First, the $5 for you from me. :) Click here to open the link to add the $5 to your account. Then type in this code: 30146005. You can see where to type that in the picture below. (You can use the $5 anytime). 


And the 10% discount code.

  • Coupon Code: WISHMAR2015
  • Requirement 1: Shopping cart order must be $55 USD and over to be able to use the 10% off coupon. 
  • Requirement 2: Coupon code cannot be combined with any other discount or voucher code.
  • Only valid until the end of MARCH 2015


If your cart isn’t $55+, and you can’t use the $10 discount code, you can in return get a free promotional gift. Use this voucher:

  • Voucher Code: WISHGIFTMAR2015
  • Until the end of March 2015 

The promotional gift is a full-sized IPOO Smell Cover Oil in Baby Powder scent. 


And best of all, they have a free shipping zone promotion. Meaning if you pick a product from the free shipping zone list of products, your entire order will be free for shipping. :) New products are added to the free shipping zone every week.

If you haven’t heard of Klairs products, you should check this brand out! I’ve used a couple products of theirs before! Think it’s somewhere on my blog. :lol: Klairs products are paraben and alcohol free! As well as not including any artificial coloring! :) Because they are Eco-friendly, they are safe for sensitive skin. I used the Klairs aloe vera gel a lot in the summer, as I was tanning so much! Helped hydrate and sooth my skin. 


Here are some of the products I recommend: 


  1. Rich Moist Cleansing Foam – Acid balanced cleanser that is hypoallergenic and uses amino acid cleansing instead of the regular chemical detergent. Contains hyaluronic acid, ceramide 3 and olive oil to maximize hydration. So it cleanses your pores, but keeps them hydrated. Great for sensitive skin!
  2. Rich Moist Soothing Serum – If you know me and my blog, you’ll know that serums a must have for me, or anyone! Serums are so important for your skin, and you can find one that’s perfect for your skin, by treating your problem areas. This serum is specifically for sensitive skin and helps treat dehydration and flakiness, redness, irritations, and helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles. 
  3. Rich Moist Soothing Mask – You know I love masks!! This is made 100% Pure cotton. It also contains half bottle of Rich Moisturizing Essence. If you use it, it would be like applying half bottle of Rich moisturizing essence on your face. And the main ingredient is hyaluronic acid. (I love products with hyaluronic acid!) This mask is great for sunburns and skin troubles as well. 
  4. Rich Moist Soothing CreamFormulated for normal to dry skin, this concentrated facial cream provides immediate and long-term hydration for a radiant complexion. An infusion of yeast-derived beta glucan supports the skin’s natural defense system and improves repair capabilities. Do check out this product info ’cause it gives a detailed explanation of what it treats and contains! 
  5. Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish – I love scrubs, and masks! It’s so important to scrub and masks because it cleanses the build up in your skin. Makeup removers and facial cleansers really isn’t enough. You need to deep cleanse your face and then use a mask that will replenish your skin. Contains black sugar, Shea butter, cranberry oil, andiroba oil, and vitamin E. I think these ingredients are great for cleansing, and treating the skin. And this works even better if you mix it with a little cleansing oil. As of this week, this sugar scrub is on the free shipping zone products. 
  6. Supple Preparation Facial Toner - You know that a toner is the number one rule after you cleanse/wash your face. You need a toner to close the pores that has been opened during facial cleansing/showering! This toner balances the skin’s PH level and boost the effectiveness of your entire skincare regime. It has phyto-oligo that helps moisture flow, and wheat amino acids that are anti-inflammatory that reduces inflammation, redness, irritation, redness in acne, and provides deep hydration. 
  7. Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream (BB) –   Do check out the product info on the website! You can see swatches for it. And that’s why I’m recommending this BB cream. As you may know, I dislike BB creams because of their gray-tinted coloring. But this bb cream has a smart color system, which will suit most skin tones. And like the rest of Klairs products, it doesn’t have the unhealthy artificial colorings. It works with dry, sensitive, aging and troubled skin. 

The best BB cream I can recommend as well is Isaknox Ageless. I used it a lot when I had lighter skin tone (was avoiding the sun like a vampire & laser treatments to get my face light.. Haha I don’t know why I went through that phase!). 

Another product I recommend, which I use quite often, I forgot to mention it on my last post about Korean beauty products. Is the Heated Eyelash Curler 


And lastly these!!

On my last post about Korean beauty products must haves, I mentioned the enzyme powder wash. I love powder washes!! And I highly recommend this one. I also have the brush; although both are at my mom’s. Shall post them next time I’m there.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, you’ll know I love konjac sponges. I have used several from different brands. I use them in the morning. As at night I have makeup on, and even though I take off my makeup. Makeup residue would get on the sponge and make it dirty. ;) This one is 100% natural konjac and made in Jeju, Korea. (Love Jeju Island!)

I do facials/masks a lot at home; keeps my skin unclogged and lookin radiant. Some of my favorite are from the Mario Badescu line; but to help remove the mask (as they are super firm), I use a soft facial towel. Check out the TU Point Daily Towel; the one that’s soft.

The reason why I like Wishtrend is because they have quality products, and love their shop. It’s easy to use, professional, and they give a lot of tips for products for different kind of skin & problems. I do wish they would add some of my other favorite Korean brands! Anyways, if you have any questions, leave a comment, or for a faster response, ask in the Ask Me section. If you are a first time commenter; it takes me some time to accept it and respond sometimes.. Too much spam! But I’ll be better with that. :)

Alright, it’s time for me to do a black sugar scrub, super collagen mask from Mario Badescu, then clean it off with a daily towel, and finish with a sheet mask, and night cream with hyaluronic acid. :) Natta!

P.S. I shall post future promo codes and discounts for Wishtrend: just check posts in the Online Shopping – Wishtrend category on my menu bar.

Oslo everyday por favor 

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 Hola. I am dead beat tired!! I completely overslept this morning, had to wake up at 7:45, but instead woke up at 9:20! Had to throw makeup in my bag and get to the bus station by 9:50. :lol: I’ve never moved my ass so fast before. :sheepish: On the way to Oslo, I did my makeup on the bus. It was hysterical. How does anyone do their makeup with a compact powder mirror??? :lol: and on a moving bus! Didn’t notice my eyebrows were on too thick till I got home. :razz: I had an appointment at Bodyfly Frogner, and I was planning to go to LV and shops. But I was tired, had a headache, just wanted to go home! I decided to take the train back home. I hate it though. I prefer the bus over the train because the train here is so damn unreliable!! Anyway I had 15 minutes to kill, so I went to Mango that was outside the station and bought some summer dress. :) And of course, just my luck. Thought I could just go straight home and get some ample rest. But the train was stuck in Asker for half a hour, then stuck outside Drammen for another half hour. And on top of that, my phone died and the train had no plugs. :evil: I have no idea how people commute on trains here. For a while I had interest to work in Oslo, as I am a big city girl :lol: , but the commute would be a killer. And who knows with the trains! Whenever I take the trains, it’s either stuck somewhere, stopped operating so we have to take a shuttle bus, blah blah blah!!! 

And if you haven’t noticed before or just noticed, yes my nose is very different from left side to right when taking profiles. (Picture above). I broke my nose and somehow that happened. I find it my charming flaw. Looks like I have a sister instead myself. :lol: I never got corrective surgery, although everyone thinks I’ve had a nose job. :lol: I am way too chicken to have rhinoplasty. If I shall break my nose again, then yes. But please, don’t punch me in my nose. ;) Anyways! 


So tonight, a friend came over and we always watch horror movies. :) But we’ve both seen every good one! So it’s hard to find movies that we both haven’t seen. We watched Mama but I fell asleep. Cause that was lame!! But I woke up and we had a couple drinks at home. Think we will have movie night tomorrow as well and maybe a bottle of wine! Hope I can find something really creepy, hair standing on your neck, feeling sweat seeping through your pores, you want to look behind you but you’re too chicken shit kind of scary movie for tomorrow!! I went off this list of scary movies, I’ve seen most of it on there and some were really frightening. But Mama was on that list and it should be removed!! 

Anyways, I’m going to book an eximia treatment for the next time I’m going in to Oslo. Can’t wait. Alright, :X natta!! 

Shocking Pink

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Yessir, it’s fried zucchinis again today. I’m obsessed. :cool: Except this time I dipped them in egg instead of olive oil and fried on the pan and not in oven. :) 

I reluctantly did my nails today. :lol: I find painting nails really boring! And sitting there waiting for it to dry. Whenever I’m waiting for nails to dry, I’m suddenly starving. :sheepish: I managed to open a bag of cereal and muesli with fruits and nuts, and ate a bowl while watching tv. ;) Anyways, for my nails I used ACO Nail strengthener, then Absolute New York garlic treatment with vitamin E, China Glaze Shocking Pink, and for top coat I used Nail Girls 3-in-1. I like China Glaze colors, think they’re pretty. But the formula for this pink one was annoying. Getting the first coat even was a bitch! But luckily the final cost got it evened out. :) I love the Aco nail strengthener! It’s like a water solution, dries right away and it works! The Absolute New York Garlic treatment is good as well. I actually got in in a glossybox. I still get a glossybox every month, I just stopped posting them a long time ago. Cause most of the time nothing is inticing in them, but occasionally there’s a product or two I like a lot. :) 

I also went tanning today. :) I had a really chill out day today, just resting up, and watching Empire (new tv show, love it). Jamal in Empire (real name Jussie Smollett) is damn cute! And he can sing!! I didn’t know till I googled him, but he’s actually gay in real life as well. I thought he was straight. But then my gaydar is completely off these days. :( Oh well, I’m a married woman anyway. :cool: haha. I like Cookie as well! She is a true hustler! :) Taraji (Cookie) is a good actress! 

Anyways, hope everyone is appreciating how I’m blogging almost everyday, sometimes more! I like how I’m back into it full time! 

Tomorrow I’m going to Oslo early. I have an appointment at 12, I do wish I booked an eximia treatment as well ’cause I want to try it! 

Alright, I’m going to finish this episode of Empire, then slowly get ready for bed. :) Natta!