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Shameless. :razz: selfies from the boat. Love the mirror setup in the cabin! 

I changed my foundation routine lately! Using concealers more and with a little cream foundation. 

So a couple posts ago I wrote about herbalife and I actually stopped using it for a week. Even though I took the powders with me, didn’t feel like making shakes. :lol: :cry: I will start again tomorrow. It is tedious when I wake up, usually I just drink a redbull and get ready to go out. Think I can still spare 5 minutes to make a nice shake with fruits. ;) I’m  keen to boost my metabolism, like how it was last summer! So let’s follow through! :cool: 

I just read my March horoscope by Susan Miller at Astrology zone. Before I used to never bother with horoscopes as I think/thought its bullshit. But the last few months I’ve started reading again and find it amusing. :D 

I really need to make a new hair appointment. I am annoyed with the colorist though. I’m not sure if it’s his doing or my hair was too bleached before, but the dark color won’t sit!! Everytime I go in to get it dyed dark, after a week it’s back to being light and now it’s a strange color. Ah! Feeling like such a typical girl with hair issues. :lol: I just want to tell him to color it black then but I know I’ll regret that! If I was a few years younger I’d try Kylie Jenner’s black/green hair. ;) Isn’t Kylie so gorgeous now?? What happened?! :lol: 

That’s it for today! Need to get some work done now. ;) 


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What a week I’ve had. Busy with travel. Went to my parents with Bambi Jolie and then on a 3 day cruise ship trip. Selfie from the boat. :cool: Then went back to my parents, and then back home today. :sweat: I am exhausted!! And I ate like an English king with gout. :lol: 

My parents insisted on keeping Bambi for a couple weeks. She really likes it there as they have a green room and a massive balcony she can roam around in. (She is an indoor cat so no roaming outside!) And someone is always home to give her attention! (Aka my mom).  But I’ll be so sad without her so I brought her home with me. :) Last night we watched The Lincoln Lawyer together as a family (even though I’ve already watched it) and it’s funny to see/hear my moms reaction to suspense/thriller. Then i watched a movie called oculus or something with my brother. It’s a scary/ghost movie about a brother and a sister. ;) I was annoyed the entire movie till the end because I was like come on get with the scariness! I love watching scary movies, especially with my brother cause he doesn’t freak out like others do. He blames/thanks me for it. Cause as kids I would let him watch really terrifying movies like Juon with me. I was a teenager and he is 8 years younger than me, so imagine what those scary ass movies did to him as a little kid. Hahaha. He says he was terrified his entire childhood but never spoke about it (Juon). Hahaha. Poor kid!! 

In other news, we are house shopping! :D and we are excited. We are not in a rush though, trying to find the “right” house for us and our two furry kids. :) Love how we both have similar tastes and wants. We’ve found houses that we like in our budget and a house I am in love with that’s over our budget. :lol: So work hard and save up and buy the best home for us! 

Anyways, I need to get back to paying our bills. :evil: And then finishing a book I started on the boat trip. It’s called A Good Marriage by Stephen King. Randomly bought it on Kindle when I was on the boat. Only had Internet for a measly 10 minutes. :( and any time I got good net from neighboring countries’ range I was in the cabin and the phone connection is dead in there! No es bueno! What if a massive tidal wave knocked the ship to the side and I was trapped in the cabin and the cabin phones didn’t work and I couldn’t call anyone. :lol: Seriously though its a work out opening doors and exit doors on a ship. Especially the exit emergency doors (I use them for shortcuts.. I’m pretty good with ships! Spent a month on one as a kid from Korea to Dubai. :cool: ). You should have seen me trying to open a few emergency doors and keeping them open with 4 bags and a suitcase the other day. I was sweating and annoyed as hell. But for some reason I just love being on ships and planes. Anything travel! Like the feeling of going somewhere. :)


Sunt liv med herbalife Norge

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Hola :hello:

I’m trying out Herbalife! Started last week with a 3 day trial period and then bought the full boxes yesterday. :) I’m going to do a more in-depth post about it later, with before and after body scans. :D

Here’s the two products I’m starting with now.


From the advice I got from my new friend who introduced me to Herbalife (where we did our body scans), I’m mixing each shake with half of formula one: nutritional shake mix and half of protein drink mix. Which I feel more comfortable with then just using formula one. Cause for me, I felt the sugar amount in formula 1 was too much for daily intake. Especially when I drink two shakes a day (breakfast and lunch). (But then who really only eats the daily suggestion additional intake for sugar which is only 25 grams for women or 6 teaspoons). Anyway, the protein mix has much lower sugar and fat. :) I’m not using milk as suggested but using coconut milk. Not all coconut milk though but mixing with juice or water. I also add blueberries and strawberries. Going to add bananas for tomorrow’s shakes. :)

So far it’s going good. The first three days I only drank it for breakfast as I was busy at work and out and about. But now I’m making two portions at breakfast so it’s ready at lunch. :) I don’t know too much about herbalife or these products just yet. Haven’t studied it so much, but I will!

Why am I doing this? Basically because the past 3-4 months I’ve been terrible with what I eat and eating too much carbs and sugars. I’m happy I gained the first 3 kilos but these additional 3 need to go away! I feel heavier and tired. I don’t have much appetite in the mornings or early afternoons. So I usually fast and then end up over eating with pasta or something fattening and too much carbs!!

3 months ago I was 52 kilos, some days even 50.5 and I felt too skinny. So I slowly put on 3 kilos but because of my poor nutrition I put on the rest so fast. Now I’m annoyed cause all the awesome pants and jeans I bought then don’t fit anymore. (Although hubby is loving it haha). But last year in the summer I felt awesome, light and energetic. And then my nutrition was so much better! So now I’m trying to be healthier again and I do need help with protein intake.

A lot of people, especially in the summer, thought I trained all the time. And I get emails asking what work outs I do. Honestly I don’t. Even if I looked “fit”. I was eating really good and sure, I worked out here and there, but not every other day or something. I did do squats and lunges and other booty exercises at home. :razz: Of course it’d be best for me or anyone to work out routinely. Which I will! Just let me get my nutrition better now and I can feel more energetic again. ;)


Anyways, I’ve tried the different flavors for formula one. I liked tropical, strawberry and vanilla. But since the protein mix we got was vanilla, we opted for tropical for formula one. You can taste the vanilla and tropical so it’s a nice shake!

So yeah, I’m excited to get my nutrition back to healthy. I am trying my best to stay away from our candy cabinet that hubby has recently stocked with way too much crazy sugars and potato chips. :lol: I don’t think just using herbalife will change my metabolism but eating right and when does. And the shakes make it so easy for me in the mornings and lunch which is when I fast! Let’s see how the next two weeks go for me and I’ll let you all know.

My goal isn’t to lose weight cause I’m pretty tall and from my body scans, I have little fat and very good muscle mass (even better than hubby who technically is super fit and has the hottest body for a guy! :razz: ). And I’m no way over weight, probably under weight for my height. But I feel so sluggish!!! So yes people, nutrition is so crucial!!!

Hubby and wifey; Sarilly.

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:cool: If we both keep it up with herbalife till the summer, wonder how we will look then? :D

All right, I need to relax now and take my penicillin cause my teeth are little demons. :evil: Yes, I was at the dentist today and looks like the tooth I broke before and did a root canal and crown needs to come out. And another tooth is screaming for a root canal. Apparently I damaged it but I don’t remember getting hit in the mouth! :lol: Maybe the nutrients from these shakes will be magical and cure my teeth from being evil little motherfathers who love going to the dentist. :razz:

Natta! :xoxo:

Ride or die Sarilly love

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Happy valentines xoxo Sarilly :razz:


Hope everyone had a lovely valentines. We sure did. :) Valentine’s Day always reminds me of the beginning of our relationship. And our wedding anniversary is next month. ;) I am so proud of our relationship and every day I truly feel blessed. On Valentine’s Day we reminisced about how we first met and fell so crazy in love. And what instantly attracted one another was how we both thought the other was so different from anyone we met and so special. And to this day, I am proud of how and where we have come along in our marriage. :cool: ❤️ I’m extremely proud and grateful of W for being a wonderful husband to me and the ways he shows his love for me! ;)

Anyways, it’s been a busy week for me, like most. But I have a few days off now so expect more updates. :) I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I don’t have many fears, but sitting in that dentist chair… My heart races and I have to sing lullabys in my head the entire time to try not to have a panic attack (not that I get those.. But who knows if it could! Haha).

Okay now I need to put down my phone cause W is begging to be petted. Which means playing with his hair till he falls asleep. Ahahaha. Yeah, one of our things is each night one of us gets their hair played with till we fall asleep. Mwahaha ;)