Ready for a merry Xmas

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Love my leopard print pj’s!

What’s up?
I am done with Christmas gifts! Actually I am not, I didn’t get W his gift yet. Because he is impossible! He never knows what he wants and he doesn’t like surprises so much. So every idea I’ve ran by him, he dislikes. :( So too bad for him, he’s going to get a surprise Xmas gift and he better like it. :cool: But I’ve gotten everyone else their gifts, so I’m happy. :)

Anyways, if you haven’t noticed I’ve put back on some pounds. And I’m glad. I was 51 kilos not so long ago, and I felt way too skinny. Lost my bodacious ass. :razz: But now it’s growing back. :evil: Besides that, I’ve been really busy all the time. I am keen for a vacation!! We are supposed to go away for New Years, but we haven’t booked anything yet. It’ll have to be a short trip, so no where amazing like the carribeans or Hawaii. :( In the summer we will going on a fab vacation with my family, cant wait! Anyways, any tips for a short trip for New Years not too far from Norway?

As for Christmas, it’s my family in laws turn to have us. :) So it’ll be us, our furry kids, the in laws and sis in law. I think we’ll see my parents for a little on Xmas eve. And exchange gifts. Hehe.

Anyways, I need to cook us a little late night snack. Grilled cheese sandwiches but with polar bread and two different cheeses and butter and herb salt. Om nom nom! If you didn’t know, I love to cook. Hubby better be grateful, cause he hates cooking. :lol: (I know he is though; he bragged about it all first year we were married haha). So I cook all the meals at home, I don’t mind! It feels good to be good at something and be able to cook for someone. :cool: I don’t know why but I’m obsessed with food and cooking shows. I always leave the food network on the tv. And I’ll watch a lot of cooking competition shows. It’s entertaining! ;) After our late night snack I need to wrap the gifts. Otherwise I’ll never get it done by Xmas!

Goooodnight! :X

Michael Kors, MAC & Self tanners :)

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I meant to post this some days ago, but I’ve been so tired with work.

bondgirl sarang, bondgirlsarang,, bondgirl beauty, michael kors boots 2014 norge, mac sminke fra kicks

I was sick all day in bed. :( When I finally got some energy, I went out to pick up an order from Kicks. Just a small order of MAC make up. ;) I stopped by the Shoe Gallery and bought these Michael Kors boots. A little something to cheer me up. Also, went to the Kicks store to buy a couple items. My makeup obsession has been creeping back haha.

bondgirl sarang, bondgirlsarang,, bondgirl beauty, michael kors boots 2014 norge

bondgirl sarang, bondgirlsarang,, bondgirl beauty, michael kors boots 2014 norge

There was another pair that I liked, I think I’ll go back to get those. ;) A girl can’t have enough boots! But now I need to focus on christmas presents, and not on myself. haha., bondgirlsarang, bondgirl beauty, mac st tropez dior self tanner sminke fra kicks

Some MAC make up from I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m so happy to be able to order MAC from Kicks. Before I had to go to Oslo to buy MAC make up. The Kicks store here doesn’t carry MAC, don’t know why! I also ordered the Kicks self tanning spray, I actually was surprised to find it when I opened the box. I didn’t know I ordered haha. Anyway, at the actual store Kicks, I bought two self tanners from Dior and St Tropez., bondgirlsarang, bondgirl beauty, mac st tropez dior self tanner sminke fra kicks

Dior Bronze Self-Tanning Creme-Gel Natural Glow for face and St Tropez Gradual Everyday Body Lotion in Medium Dark. I actually never was into self-tanners, I think it’s tedious, and I always have a tan anyway. I don’t have an obsession to be super dark either. But now it’s winter, I don’t have the time to go tanning, and Norwegian winter lasts half a year. :lol: Seriously imagine just a few hours of sunlight a day, and it’s not even real sunlight. It’s gloomy. So I’m going to give these self tanners a go. I’ve already tried these, and the St Tropez one did give me color after two applications. For the Dior one, I don’t know. I didn’t notice a difference after two applications. :( The Kicks SA told me she loves this one, but she was so pale. Why did I listen to her. Haha. I’ll give it another few tries and maybe it’ll give some color. :) But I don’t think self tanners for face would work well anyway, because we wash our face twice a day, remove make up, do scrubs, etc., bondgirlsarang, bondgirl beauty, mac st tropez dior self tanner sminke fra kicks

MAC pressed pigment in Sweet Acting, MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil In Anticipation, MAC Lip Pencil Magenta, MAC amplified Creme Lipstick Up The Amp., bondgirlsarang, bondgirl beauty, mac pressed pigment sweet acting fra, mac sminke


MAC Pressed Pigment in Sweet Acting. It’s really pretty! I’ve tried applying it normally (with a brush) and wet (with a brush). :), bondgirlsarang, bondgirl beauty, mac lip pencil magenta, mac prolongwear lip pencil in anticipation,

From the left: MAC Up The Amp, MAC Magenta lip liner, and MAC In Anticipation pro longwear lip liner., bondgirlsarang, bondgirl beauty, mac lip pencil magenta, mac prolongwear lip pencil in anticipation selfie A selfie swatch for Up The Amp. ;), bondgirlsarang, nars concealer ginger, bondgirlsarang, nars concealer ginger

Another new concealer I wanted to share, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in ginger. I’m using this NARS concealer to highlight, around my t-zone. I’m going to do a post soon about concealers and highlighting. As I’m really happy with the products I’m using to conceal and highlight. :) If you want a hint, you can check out this post.

And some selfies to end this post!



If you’re wondering, it’s nail stickers I have on my nails. :) It was my first time actually trying nail stickers, and you know what! I love it. It’s so easy, and no drying time! Nice nails within minutes. :cool:

Alright that’s it for tonight. Natta! :X

Just another day

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Being a sofa pig after dinner! Went to dinner at Kismat, an Indian restaurant, with hubby and two friends. I find it weird to sit across from W when we are with friends? I think couples should sit next to each other so we can both see and talk to our friends? Haha but he always says no, that we should be facing each other. No biggie for me, hubbies face isn’t so bad to look at. :cool: :razz: After dinner, our friends went to watch a game at one of theirs, and we went to another friend’s with our dog. It was hilarious to watch our dog play fight with his dog. Made me thought of getting another dog, but enough furry pets for us! The friend and his wife bought a house and it was my first time seeing it. I’m getting inspired to buy our first house but it’s such a big step! Especially when I don’t even want to live in this town for too long. It’s so boring here!

Anyways, Bambi Jolie had one of her big tooth and a small one taken out today. Poor baby. I had no idea her tooth was broken, but they found it when they checked her out last week when she got shaved. She never showed any pain! I feel terrible! But hopefully she’s not in pain now. The vets bill here is crazy, I wish I wasn’t lazy about getting insurance on her! Shall do this asap!

Natta! :X

Wednesday night kos

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bondgirlsarang, bondgirl sarang,, bondgirl blogg

bondgirlsarang, bondgirl sarang,, bondgirl blogg

Wednesday night chillin. :) Started off this morning by taking Bambi Jolie to the vet’s. She got sedated and received a lion’s cut shave. I haven’t been the best mom with brushing her. :( It’s really tedious when your cat is long haired and she hates being brushed! She only likes getting brushed once a month, or if she’ll let me brush her, she’s over it in 1 minute. :( But I hate seeing her sedated, and the after hours of it is so difficult for her. So I promise I’m going to be better with brushing her every day! No more clumps! By the way, the vet or whoever shaved her is terrible. I mean what the fuck! It’s not a proper lion’s cut. She should be wearing shoes not knee high boots, if you catch my drift. ;) And the tail should be a poof in the end. My previous cat, Nomi, had the best vet in the world. I mean she was the friendliest and knew how to shave properly. Sigh, I miss Nomi. Hope he is fairing well with his new owners back home!

Here’s Bambi Jolie with her new look.



My poor baby. She’s still adorable though. :)

We went to the movies tonight and saw Mockingjay. :) After eating a bucket of popcorn and a bucket of cotton candy. We came home and I fell into a deep nap. I’ve been napping a lot lately, I think it’s the winter here. The sun is starting to go down mid-day, I get exhausted around that time. I’m not looking forward to when it gets really dark, and we only have a few hours of sunlight. Norsk winter! :eek:

Anyway, I really want to show you a video we took at home that is so creepy, eery, and almost paranormal like. But I am so lazy!!!!! So I shall show you guys another time. :)