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Skinfood Fresh Juice Essence Mask & Carrot Collagen Eye Sheet

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If you read my previous post, you’ll know a bought a bunch of Skinfood masks. Love love love. Today I tried the Fresh Juice Essence Mask Sheet and the Carrot Collagen Eye Sheet. The Fresh Juice Essence Mask only cost 2,000 KRW. ($1.8~) and the Carrot Collagen Eye Sheet cost 1500 KRW.

I first removed my make up, then washed my face with foam cleanser, then I did the Skinfood Royal Honey Mask (LOVE IT. check my previous post), and then I washed washed my face again with foam cleanser. lol. Then I did the Fresh Juice Essence Mask Sheet. Then the Carrot Collagen Eye Sheet. Quick update on the Royal Honey Mask, today I used it before applying make up, and OMG my make up glided onto my face perfectly. I will use this everyday!

Alright, now on to the Fresh Juice Essence Mask Sheet…

I was slightly impressed with this. It’s one of the ‘cheaper’ masks from Skinfood, and for it’s price and it being just a sheet mask, it did it’s job. “Adds freshness and vitality to the skin.” I checked on Skinfood’s website, and this mask seems to have most 4~5 stars. I wanted a sheet mask that I can use daily and my face needs all the vitamins it can get. And this will do. It has a mild fresh fruit smell, the smell is very mild, which is good.

I’d recommend doing this at night. Because it’s been over a hour since I did the mask, and when I just looked in the mirror.. I could see my face looks shiny. I did apply a serum, lotion, and moisturizer after the mask (like you do with other masks), but this time.. my skin looks shiny! Not a good look! :mad:

And now, the Carrot Collagen Eye Sheet..

I bought a few of these, so I will be using them for a week. Just like the directions says to! It was similar to a gel mask, except it’s for the eyes! :) I applied them under my eyes for about 40 minutes, and when I took them off.. I was surprised. It did feel hydrated, and the most surprising part was I could see slight brightening.

I checked Skinfood’s website, this product has an overall 4 stars. There was a couple 1 stars, saying the product didn’t do anything for them, and it didn’t ‘stick’ to their face. I think they got a bad batch, because for me the product seemed to do what it promises, and it did stay under my eyes really good.

I’m also going to purchase this Carrot Collagen line’s CHEEK sheets! Hopefully they’ll brighten up my cheeks :cool:

Alright dolls. Time for me to go to bed!

Tomorrow night or the day after, I will do another review on Skinfood masks. Also, I should be receiving my Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, etc., products tomorrow. As well as another order of Kracie Naive cleansing oil and foam cleanser. So expect a lot of beauty reviews for a while!

xoxo :X

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  • A.Y
    November 15, 2011

    hi shika sarang. ;) i like your new site name, shika sarang. :razz:

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