W is away at work, so my brother came to visit me in Sandefjord this weekend. I guess it was some sort of holiday this weekend, we went to go look at some stores, but every store was closed. wtf. I don’t understand Norway.. On Sundays, shops are closed. And I guess they’re closed very every kind of holiday. :roll: We did get some coffee at a cafe though. I have yet to have a really good coffee here! :mad: I miss coffee bean.

Here’s a couple shots from the neighborhood I live in, which is central Sandefjord. I like it here. Although it’s “downtown”, it can be real quiet. Sometimes I think I’m in a zombie movie scene where there’s not a single soul, and you’re just waiting for a zombie attack. :anieek: But then, I’ve only lived in big cities where there’s millions and millions of people.. I think the population of most cities here are like a neighborhood of my hometown in Korea. :lol: That’s one big reason I initially did not want to move to Norway. I’ve lived in Sweden when I was younger, and I’ve traveled around Europe a lot. And I never liked Europe, especially Scandinavia. But people change, and now I appreciate it. Well.. most of the time. :)

Just a picture shot when we were on the way to Ikea. Ikea is always fun, but their food is HORRIBLE.

There’s a pet store I frequent. They have the cutest bunnies ever! I’ve never thought about having a bunny, and the fact that I had to leave Nomi behind in Korea. Well, I’d feel too guilty to get a pet. And also.. it’s a bit unfair to W if I get a new pet, and I’m always complaining to him about his dog. :lol: BUT THESE BUNNIES ARE SO CUTE. I fell in love with this brown bunny, it’s some sort of mixture of lionhead and something I can’t remember. We stood there for about 10 minutes, and I couldn’t resist. I asked if I could get the bunny. But someone already called dibs. I guess the bunny is on hold or something. But when we went back the next day, there was another bunny that is the same type. But it’s gray. I don’t know if I’m going to adopt him/her. I don’t think it’s a good idea. To be honest, I think I’ll get bored of it in a couple months. :neutral:

AH SO FREAKN CUTE! I got to hold the gray one, and omg so freakn soft!

Anyways! I’m ending this post, and returning to watch The Firm. It’s a tv show, and I just started watching it. Gotta watch from the computer though.. Our tv box died the other day (BTW IT TAKES FOREVER TO GET A TV BOX HERE!! And now I have to wait a week to get a new one. :twisted: ) Alright.. peace out.


Written by Sarang


  1. Monica May 28, 2012 at 6:16 AM Reply

    I actually like Sandefjord a lot! But I haven’t lived there, so it’s only my experience from being there when going out or some small shopping when I’m sick of my hometown… It’s a very relaxing city, I think!

    I can kinda imagine how dead the city is for someone who’s used to bigger cities hahaha.

    Btw, like always – you look so pretty omggg!!

    • Shika Sarang May 28, 2012 at 6:24 PM Reply

      Hey Monica.
      Yeah it’s relaxing.. I like it. But can be boring! I wish Oslo was closer.
      And thanks. :)

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