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Skin & Lab Dr. Vita Clinic Vitamin Creams from

June 29, 2012 • By

Hello dolls!

I received a package from I have done a post on here. If you didn’t get to read it, or not familiar with Here’s a quick summary: Wishtrend is a company/shop in South Korea (my home country!). They have many Korean brands on their online store, from skin care, make up, gorgeous pink Mustaev make up brushes and even men’s skin care. :) They have quality skin care products (in my opinion!), and some brands are Skin & Lab, Ciracle, SKin Factory, etc. And I read on their facebook page, they will sell Skin79 products as well. :D

I was very excited to partner with Wishtrend. They also have a community has over 31,000 likes on their global fb page! Although this is a sponsored review, I am 100% honest!

Alright on to the package I received :) By the way! I have been using the vitamin C cream for 9~10 days!

Vitamin C Plus Brightening and a sample size package of the vitamin creams. :)

Vitamin C! I was very excited to try this, because I used to use another vitamin C serum from Kiehl’s called Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate that I absolutely love!!! I have been using the Skin & Lab vitamin C for 9~10 days now. I saw overall brightening of my complexion. :D So it delivered on what it promises. Except, I have yet to see my dark circles brighten. :mad: But 9~10 days is not enough time to see if the vitamin C cream does brighten up dark circles. Prior to using this, I have been going tanning. So my face has freckles! And the vitamin C cream helped to clear my freckles up. I did not go tanning for the 9~10 days, ’cause I wanted to see if it would brighten up my complexion.

I will start tanning again, and continue to use the vitamin C cream. I think it will help my skin balance with dehydration from tanning, and help to keep my skin more even complexion. :)

I have been using this as a serum. So my skin care routine is: toner > vitamin c cream > moisturizer > eye cream.

:arrow: Feels nice and soaks into the skin very well.
:arrow: Does not leave any residue/film.
:arrow: Helps with moisture & skin brightening.
:arrow: Pleasant smell. – It does have a slight citrus smell but I swear I can smell witch hazel. I’m not sure though!

:arrow: It isn’t as strong as what I hoped for like my Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate. Although the Kiehl’s one and this one promises different things. The Kiehl’s has vitamin C concentrate in it, so it helps with brightening up complexion.
:arrow: I have yet to see my dark circles brighten/clear up. But I didn’t have enough time to see a difference.

I will do an update in a month!!

These are sample size. You can get the full size vitamin creams on the website!

Another thing that I love about Skin & Lab vitamin creams is that you can mix and match the creams to help with what skin problem(s) you are going through at the moment! :D

C + E = For remarkable brightening effect / Antioxidant Effects Vitamin C and E together maximize the effect of skin brightening and antioxidant effect than a single vitamin.

A + E = Double effect of Vitamin A Vitamin E helps vitamin A to normalize the skin cell cycle and to make your skin healthy.

B + K = Perfect trouble care With vitamin B, anti-inflammatory treatment, vitamin K works on your problematic skin to reduce redness and purify your skin.

K + A + C = Dark Circle Eraser All compositions of vitamin K, A and C will alleviate dark circles under your eyes, improving the causes such as veins, pigments, and skin textures.

E + Sunscreen = Perfect protection against the sun Put some vitamin E cream before you go outside. It will reduce sunburn, cell damages, erythema and edema.

The sample size is really great for travel. I like to stock up on sample size skin care stuff so when I go on short trips, I don’t have to haul all my skin care products with me! :) I love the packaging of this.. It’s easy to use, and you just have to bend it. :)

BTW, When you’re mixing the vitamin creams. You can mix them on your hand. :)

Like I said, the vitamin cream soaks very well into the skin, and doesn’t leave a residue/film or any type of stickiness, etc. :)

Don’t forget to check out You can also read more on the vitamin creams here. I will continue to use the vitamin C, and I’m going to try out the rest of the vitamin cream samples! I will do an update in a month! :D

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