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Dramatic false lashes review from

Hey dolls! So today I’m reviewing these false lashes from :hello: It also comes with a tube of glue! The box label is in Chinese so I can’t read the brand name. But you may have seen the box before. Anyway, the ones I’m reviewing are #007. It contains 10 pairs of lashes. You can check out the lashes (and glue) on Bornprettystore’s shop here. Neither on the shop or the box mentions the length of the lashes. But they are very long! You’ll see with the pictures I took. :)

The lashes are long and thick, very dramatic! I know they are not my usual style, but I thought it would be fun to try. :) It isn’t your average day kind of look. In my opinion, I think they’re better suited for parties, photoshoots, or a day when you want to glam it up. Or even upcoming Halloween!

Quality wise, they are good, compared to the $4.18 price tag! They are stiff, which could be good or bad. I mean they stay in place, but it does look very unnatural! :lol: Because they are so long and thick, you can “see” them while applied. It’s not so heavy that it’s uncomfortable. I guess if you’re used to dramatic lashes, then there’s nothing wrong with these. Application is easy for these. I think because they are stiff, it actually makes it easier to apply. They are re-usable, just take the glue off.

I wish the box itself was better material, or prettier design at least. Haha. And I wish it had the lash frame/form so that I can the lashes back on to the frame/form to help keep that shape for re-use. Anyways, here are some pictures!

Moving on to the glue!

Today I chose not to use this glue, because I’ve tried it before. It’s obviously a white glue, and it doesn’t change to opaque. Also to be honest, I don’t think this is the best glue for the dramatic lashes that needs a stronger glue. I would use this glue for lighter/softer lashes or single lashes and when I’m not using black eye liner. I don’t mind glues smelling bad, but just to state all the negatives, this glue smells.. not nice. :)

More pictures!


If you use tons of lashes throughout the year, I suggest checking out Born Pretty Store. You can even get 50 pair lashes for around $12. They also have free worldwide shipping. :D

Here’s a discount promo code for my readers: RA7X31

P.S. The lashes & glue were given to me from Born Pretty Store for review purposes. Like all my posts, I always stay honest!

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  1. Monica October 7, 2012 at 11:37 PM Reply

    I love those lashes on you combined with fur/knit you’re wearing. It looks so glamorous!

  2. isadora October 9, 2012 at 3:20 PM Reply

    Wow, you’re beautiful!

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